you are spaceborne in one of this state-of-the-art starships, you are surrounded by the deepest, infinite black, only lightened by some sparkling diamonds of far away suns.You've entered this star system some "days" ago, your relative position is about 26 000 light years from the centre of the galaxy.
    On your journey you've passed a star, a yellow dwarf of spectral type G2, age about 5 billion years, a relatively young star in the midst of its hydrogen burning. Your travel leads you deeper into its planetary system. And then, if you are very lucky you will come upon a crystal blue sphere, a shining oasis in the desert of frozen matter.
     A planet, covered! with water, one of the most precious elements in the known universe, and now you realize, this must be all in all the most beautiful place within the next 9 000 light years. Its a relatively middle sized planet, and its inhabitants called it simply Earth.